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55 yr. Single




55 yr. One - Plus




Senior Single




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High School Student




College Student









New Member Fee: $10 for Students and Challenged. $25 for all other memberships.



Day Passes & Punch Cards

Fitness Class (drop in)


Single Day Pass Fee


Punch Card

(equivalent to 15 day passes)


One Month Pass

(30-days consecutive)


One Week Pass

(7-days consecutive)


Raquetball League Punch Card

(10 passes)


Challenged Day Pass


Challenged Punch Card

(equivalent to 15 day passes)




Get Up To $20 Off Your Monthly Membership!

Insurance discount programs available with Medica, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, UCAREl, South Country and others.

Membership Services


  • All rented lockers must be registered.

  • Short lockers: 6 month $50, 9 month $60, 12 month $65. Long lockers: 12 month $80.

  • Single day use lockers are available for you while you workout, free-of-charge.

  • St. Francis Health and Wellness Center does not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  • One free weight room/cardio room orientation for all new members.

  • Towel Rentals: 25¢ each towel or 20-Towel Punch Card $5.

  • Equipment: Basketballs, racquets and racquetballs, volleyball, wallyball, etc. can be checked out with no charge.

  • Racquetball Court: There is no additional fee for the racquetball court. Members may reserve an hour of court time per day up to one week in advance.

  • Cancellation Policy: Persons failing to cancel a reserved court time that will not be used will result in losing their privilege to reserve court time.


Membership ClassificationsSt. Francis Health and Rec

Single — Person 18 - 54 years old.
One-Plus — Two people 12 - 54 years old.
Family — Adult(s) and their dependents living in the same household as a family.
(must be at least 12 years old).
55 yr Single — Person 55 - 61 years old.
55 yr One-Plus — Two people 55 - 61 years old. Only one needs to be 55 - 61 to qualify.
Senior Single — Person 62 or older.
Senior One-Plus — Two people 62 or older. Only one needs to be 62 or older to qualify.
High School Student — Person in high school or 14-17 years old.
College Student — College student and must present a current college ID.
12 & 13 year olds - must be part of a One-Plus or Family Membership.
Challenged -- Persons who are developmentally delayed.

NOTE: Children listed on a Family membership must be eligible as a dependent on your Federal Income Tax forms.

Membership Terms


  • Membership payments must be made through automatic payment deduction or Paid-In-Full.

  • 9 and 12-month Paid-In-Full memberships must be paid in full at the time of registration.

  • A New Member Fee will be charged to all memberships that have lapsed within 12 months. $10 - students; $25 - all other memberships. Does not include corporate memberships

  • All new members, 14-17 years old, must have a parent sign the Membership Application before they can register for a membership.

  • No time will be added to a membership for any type of facility closing.

  • No refunds or transfers on any membership.

  • Members are responsible for all dues and charges up to the date of membership cancellation. SFH&RC is not responsible for disputes over 60-days old. (please refer to your payment agreement)

  • Membership rates subject to increase. (please refer to your payment agreement).

  • Membership card must be shown at time of entry.



One free Weight Room/Cardio Room orientation for all new members.

Free Racquetball Lessons -- Are you interested in playing racquetball but just aren't sure of how to play the game? Let us introduce you to a great game and a great workout. In your lesson you will learn proper hitting technique, other basic skills and the rules to the game.


Scholarships are available for the following programs and activities at St. Francis Health and Wellness Center:

  • Membership

  • Group Swimming Lessons

  • Group Fitness Classes


Scholarships are granted based on the need of the scholarship applicant. All applications must be reviewed by the advisory committee prior to receiving a scholarship. If you would like to apply for a scholarship please see one of our guest service representatives or call 632-0627.



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